NYC Parking Changes Remain After Re-Opening

Nearly empty NYC roads refill as the city begins to re-open. As cars make their way back into New York, they enter an alien landscape. Parking spots have been converted into outdoor dining areas, and drivers now navigate a world of contact-less transactions. Much is up in the air right now in terms of parking – but one thing is certain – the parking paradigms of a pre-COVID NYC are gone.

If you are driving in New York City, we recommend you stay aware of these changes.
Are you a front line worker? If so, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that parking permits for medical professionals will be extended to Dec 31st, 2020. These permits allow a medical professional to arrive at work safely, without endangering themselves or the public. Drivers with these permits may park in any “No Parking” zone, truck loading zone, or park in a metered spot for free.
The landscape of parking has significantly changed since pre-covid times, literally. For diners in converted parking spots, nearby cars can now be unwelcome guests. Most drivers are able to easily spot these parking-spots-turned-patios fairly easily. However do take caution, as tragedy has struck in low-visibility conditions, such as when this SUV plowed into a local NYC pop-up restaurant, injuring 5.
The clash between outdoor space advocates and drivers is, as always, ongoing. However, increased needs for open space have shifted the balance of power towards outdoor advocates. Cars have been barred from 100 miles of NYC streets by outdoor space advocates, who have currently won the right dedicated the space to pedestrians and cyclists. See a map of these locations and their times of operation can be found here.

Meanwhile, proposed “congestion fees” for drivers are shelved for the moment. The fees, which were slated to come into effect in 2021, will now be delayed until at least 2021. The proposed toll, which was approved in 2019, is part of a move to fund New York’s subway and public transit systems.

For now, New York’s parking situation remains in flux. However, many suspect that long-term changes are on the horizon. If you are reading from NYC, how has your parking situation changed? We’d love to hear from you. Follow us on social or reach us at to join our mailing list. We’ll also post helpful updates on new parking regulation, trends, and tips!

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